Best Enterprises in the Industry

Our Hair Shop “First” was awarded the prestigious "Best Enterprises in the Industry" award by the end of 2023, as a result of comparing indicators with our competitors. We have identified the title of the winner of the nomination. The comparative analysis was carried out by the companies "Center for Analytical Research" Moscow and "Intersectoral Rating Company" Moscow. This award highlights our reputation as a reliable supplier and partner in whom you can be 100% sure.

We offer a wide range of products - from hair extension materials to professional hair cosmetics.

Our unpainted Russian hair is natural Slavic slices and premium Slavic are of the highest quality and softness. That one head tail (one donor slices) widely used by hair extensions masters, famous for their color and structure. And premium baby slices and exclusive baby slices – the most delicate and weightless – are especially appreciated as a hair for extension when building up and creating hair replacement systems.

Our team of professionals is always ready to help you choose the perfect hair extensions, natural cuts, ponytails, braids for hair extensions to create your own a unique and inimitable image. In addition, in our hair store you will find kanekalons, wigs, tresses, hair clips, other hair products and various hair accessories. We closely follow the latest trends in the beauty industry and constantly update the range so that our customers are always on trend. Our products are ideal for both professionals and those who care about the beauty and health of their hair at home.

Our branches are represented all over Russia and for your convenience, we offer a fast delivery within the country and abroad. You can place an order on our online-store and it would be booked immediately for you.

  • The good news is that we have special conditions for registered users — product discounts, cumulative discount system, no APR credit programs.

    Go to hair shop First and feel the difference that our curls create, because you can buy hair for wigs or buy hair for extension at the time and the same place.

    Visit our website and see cuts of natural hair, virgin hair, unpainted Slavic hair, Blonde hair, baby Blonde hair, baby hair, strands, tails, braids, kanekalons, painted on head hair and other materials for extensions, accessories for hair or cosmetics Estel for hair — we are always ready to offer you only the best.

    The prestigious award «Best Companies in the industry 2023» confirms our professional reputation, high level of service and commitment to be the best in our segment. We are proud to accept this award and promise to continue working to improve our service level, expand our geographical representation and assortment. We are sincerely grateful to our customers, partners and employees for their support and trust. We promise to keep working even harder to stay the best in the industry and give you beauty and self-confidence every day!

    We invite you to join our team of «First» master hairdressers and stylists. Become a partner of our hair shop and start earning with us today. For mutually beneficial long-term cooperation, just fill out the form below, we will contact you within 10 minutes.

    Together we move towards to the ideal services and create beauty!

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8 800 511 63 46
ул. Сахьяновой, 7б/2, оф. 10, Улан-Удэ, Респ. Бурятия, Россия, 670031
We work from 09-00 to 19-00 every day
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